How it works ?

The process of a personalized order

1 - When you are on one of the personalized portraits product sheets, add your selection to the basket. Don't forget to import the photos that will allow me to draw you or your loved ones.

Then fill in your details and proceed to secure payment to order your service.

2 - Once your order has been received, I offer you a sketch. At that time, you will tell me what needs to be modified so that the drawing corresponds as closely as possible to your expectations. Feel free to have me modify anything you want, because it is a sketch (“Can we modify the bun? Remove the glasses? Make a bigger smile? Change the attitude? etc”).

3 – I correct until the sketch suits you completely. If you validate, then I proceed to the clean pencil. Again you will validate the drawing before I move on. If you still have some changes to ask me, this is possible within reason. Be careful however, I do not entirely modify a drawing if it has already been validated in sketches!

4 – I colorize the drawing and send it to you for validation. At this stage, you can ask to modify colors if necessary. The goal is for the portrait to be 100% according to your criteria!

5 – When you validate the colorized drawing, I send you the High Definition drawing by email (CMYK version for printing + RGB version to keep on screen for example) by email, and you can then offer it, the print it, frame it, post it on your social networks....